So I'm the king; but you’re the one it seems who’s got me up against the wall.

“I once ran over my cymbal bag with my own vehicle. Surprisingly, it didn’t really do any damage. 10/10 would do it again. I don’t really like Radiohead. I’m more of a Phish fan, but these guys haven’t caught on yet.”


Drums, Percussion

“Music is meant to be an experience for both the listener and the artist. The role of the artist is to lead the listener into an awareness. Our drive is to have a refined sensitivity through our expressions.”


Lead Guitar, Producer

“While we are majorly influenced by bands like Radiohead; we are also striving to do something new, unique and to give back. If we simply regurgitate what others have done, then we’ve failed as a band.”


Lead Vocals, Bass

“ I don’t always play with a pic, but when I do, I make sure to check my pockets 58 times before finding my pic in my pocket.”


Guitar / Vibe Man